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‘Try to live with as less as possible’

A French photographer flies on hot air balloons and records how a ravaged planet called earth prepares for apocalypse now!
Sumiran Preet Kaur Delhi

Forget the king, make a MONUMENT

Shivaji is a monument in Maharashtra today. But what of the men who engage with this monument through their life’s experience? And, what of their ballads?
Aritra Bhattacharya Mumbai

The Question of the Gun

That’s the dark irony: you can leave Kashmir, but Kashmir never leaves you
Majid Maqbool Delhi

Taking Muslims backward

Muslims would have rejoiced if the Jamiat had campaigned for establishing first-rate modern schools in Muslim neighbourhoods. Instead, they sought to obstruct even the feeble attempts of the government to modernise thousands of madrasas Arshad Alam Delhi

Steely resolve

Even as the government flexes muscle, villagers are refusing to give their land to the multinational steel giant Satya Sivaraman Dhinkia, Jagatsinghpur (Orissa)

A lot of Bull

Until the government forgets about maintaining the high Sensex levels, it’s nearly impossible to check frauds. The Market and the government work in tandem to help each other’s interests Akash Bisht Delhi

Lessons from Dubai and more...

Editorial: December

Code chaos

If the Direct Taxes Code Bill is passed in its present form, a firm will end up paying taxes even on loans raised by it to finance capital expenditure Noor Mohammad Delhi

Dial H for health

The Union ministry of health and family welfare has a toll-free helpline which provides information related to reproductive and sexual health to callers Sumiran Preet Kaur Delhi

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