Modi’s ‘gift to the nation’ can submerge 192 villages in MP

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The long-overdue inauguration of the Sardar Sarovar Dam may have happened after a lot of obstacles, but the ghosts of its past will continue to haunt the project in future as well

India Inundated:India's Massive Flood Problem


Bengaluru: Pointers in plenty

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Excessive rain can be a water asset, stored for later use. For that, here’s what government, community and individual must do
S. Vishwanath Bengaluru

Flood in the desert

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How did Rajasthan, India’s driest state, end up being inundated?
Shatakshi Gawade Delhi

What floods exposed in Gujarat

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In Gujarat, floods have uncovered the inefficacy of the government
Martin Macwan Ahmedabad 

Disaster in the making

The Hirakud Dam, Asia’s longest earthen dam, has been causing man-made floods in Odisha
Ranjan K Panda Sambalpur

Futility of warning systems

India’s current flood warning systems do not provide adequate data, while mitigation advocacy relies on unproven methods
Himanshu Thakkar Delhi 

India’s massive Flood problem

Himanshu Upadhyay

The CAG’s latest performance audit of flood control schemes and flood forecasting shows how little is done to manage flood-induced disasters
Himanshu Upadhyay Bengaluru

Floods: Learning from the locals

Hardnews Bureau

Residents in flood-prone areas, such as Mithila, have a long history of living with floods. It’s time to listen to them
Dinesh Kumar Mishra Jamshedpur 

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