The LAST Tiger

At the turn of the century, India had 40,000 plus tigers. Today, 1,411

The tigers in the reserves in India are reporting a sharp decline in their already depleted numbers. The Sariska phenomenon - the reserve's entire tiger population was wiped out by poachers - has been repeated in the Panna tiger reserve. If these trends continue, the wild tiger would only be seen in touristy books and nature channels. Despite the government spending crores for tiger conservation, hope seems bleak.

The Reality Show called Kargil

Where media and politicos go berserk with frenzy annually celebrating the Kargil victory, why does this nation treat its war heroes with such organised disdain?

If Shahrukh Khan is asked to wait for a couple of hours for questioning at a US airport, the Indian media screams that 'national honour is at stake'. However, when a disabled Kargil war soldier lives in complete anonymity with abysmally low pension, there is universal silence.

Killing Fields

There is excitement on a new-found prosperity in rural areas. Screaming headlines tell us of farmers finding new ways to prosperity. Is that the ground reality? Devinder Sharma Delhi

Sinister Design

Rumours about Taliban coming to India may not be all that innocuous. It could be part of a design by Pakistan-based outfits like Lashkar-e-Taiba to trigger fear psychosis in India Rakhi Chakrabarty Delhi