Ibne Hasan Advocate

Obituary: The unknown who defined Lucknow's lost generation bows out

Saeed Naqvi

The mail from Lucknow was terse. 
“Mr. Ibne Hasan Advocate is no more.” He was “Ibne Hasan bhai” to me ever since he cast me as the young Daagh Dehlvi in 1954 in “Dehli Ki Aakhri Shama” (Flicker of the last lamp in Delhi) a Tamseeli Mushaira, enactment of the last poetic gathering in the Red Fort in 1857. Ghalib, Zauq, Momin, Daagh and other great contemporaries participated in this historic soiree.) 
The show was staged at the University Union Hall where Ibne, as master of ceremonies, announced a hundred awards for the young Daagh.