Job Loss

What is ailing India’s gilded IT sector?

Shalini Sharma

The IT BPES industry in India is haunted by the spectre of mass automation and layoffs. How are the employees coping? Not too well, as Hardnews finds out
Shalini Sharma Delhi 

Mass layoffs: IT employees step out to join trade union

Hardnews Bureau Delhi


Job Cuts: Firing from the shoulders of 'Demonetisation'

Shibu Kumar Tripathi

While media organisations try to blame demonetisation for lay-offs, the cold, hard truth is that plans were already afoot to hand out a slew of pink slips
Shibu Kumar Tripathi Delhi

Unemployment Crisis: Staring at jobs loss and driverless cars

Hardnews Bureau

Every month, a million young Indians become ready to join the industrial workforce. Who can generate jobs for them?
Hardnews Bureau Delhi 

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