The terror of law

The draconian counter-terror laws are often misused by law enforcement agencies to frame innocent people at will. Even if acquitted, it means little because of what they have lost out on
Shalini Sharma Delhi

SC gets 5 new judges

New Delhi: The top court of the country got a boost today, when five Chief Justices of different states, took oath as Supreme Court Judges, taking the total strength to 28, including Chief Justice

In cold blood

Suspicion and jealousy could have lead Manu Rajan to killing her wife and then trying to cover it up
Hardnews Bureau Delhi

Taking to the Streets

It is time for democracy to hear its future
Manash Bhattacharjee Delhi 

BJP's attempt to compromise the independence of the judiciary

Shanti Bhushan statement on Gopal Subramaniam issue

Justice must begin at Home

Unconstitutional accretion of power to itself appears to be the root cause of the judiciary’s problems
Abani Kumar Sahu Delhi

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