Maoists surge, State dithers

It’s abysmal lack of development and injustice which have provided the Maoists a fertile ground to spread. But the State seems clueless Rakhi Chakrabarty Delhi

Something Sinister about it

There’s more to Operation Lalgarh than ‘flushing out’ Maoists Amit Sengupta Delhi

At the Epicentre: Neither Spring, nor Thunder

So, whatever happened to the peasant revolt led by Naxalite legend Charu Majumdar in the original birth place of the revolution 42 years after? Chaman Lal Naxalbari (West Bengal

Injustice is LAAL

The peaceful struggle of the poor people of Lalgarh retells a history of abysmal poverty and pain, total absence of good governance, and the corrupt regime of armed CPM goons Aritra Bhattacharya Lalgarh

All’s not LOST for CPM

Given the strong traditions of anti-Congress, anti-BJP ideology of Bengal, it is theoretically possible for the CPM to recover lost ground if they make some course corrections Nilanjana Gupta Kolkata

BEST of times, WORST of times

For 32 years, the CPM has replaced the rule of law by partisan rule in West Bengal, specialising in crimes like..... Sunanda Sanyal Kolkata

No interpreter of maladies

Uninterrupted power for 32 years has blunted the sensibilities of the Left to feel the pulse of the people. The communists had raised expectations when they swept to power in 1977. But, they failed to live up to it. Instead, they injected sloth and nepotism in every state-run institution Rakhi Chakrabarty Kolkata/Delhi

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