Unemployment Crisis: Staring at jobs loss and driverless cars

Hardnews Bureau

Every month, a million young Indians become ready to join the industrial workforce. Who can generate jobs for them?
Hardnews Bureau Delhi 

Za'atari: A camp without a Post office

Hardnews enters the second biggest refugee camp in the world where 80,000 Syrians are hopeful of a better future despite the trauma of the past 
Sanjay Kapoor Za’atari (Jordan)  

Syria: The Theft of Another Nation

A recently made documentary film shows refugees who left for Europe desperate to return home to Syria
Dr Waiel Awwad Delhi

Syria: Too Little, Too Late?

Sanjay Kapoor

Syria has seen unmitigated destruction but it has taken the picture of a little drowned child to stir the West’s conscience
Sanjay kapoor Delhi 

Northeast: The poignancy of Engagement

Nabanipa Bhattacharjee Delhi 

European Refugee Crisis!

GEVGELIJA: A woman hugs two boys after crossing Greece's border into Macedonia near Gevgelija, Macedonia, August 22, 2015.

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