Rupa Gulab

I have giggled a lot this month, thanks to the NDA government. Here’s why:

Asanas for Asses:

40 years after Emergency

Like in fascist Italy, trains ran on time and government moved faster and better. Besides, there was less corruption
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi 

Making Yoga Religion-Neutral

Hardnews Bureau Delhi

Editorial: Emergency Recall

Like Indira Gandhi, Putin or Erdogan, if you think that media criticism is part of a larger foreign conspiracy then your perception of democracy is flawed
Hardnews Bureau Delhi

Foreign Affairs: Modi, a big hit in Dhaka

Afsan Chowdhury Dhaka

Kapil Sibal: No thought process behind schemes Modi has announced

Lawyer, politician and former UPA minister, Kapil Sibal, is angry with the BJP government over the way it has usurped old UPA programmes and is palming them off as its own.

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