Priyanka Gandhi

Priyanka Gandhi not to campaign in UP Assembly polls

Hardnews Bureau

Lucknow: Even as both the Congress and the Samajwadi Party are negotiating for an amicable pre-poll alliance for the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections, the candidates, particularly from the Congress

Has Priyanka's Time Come?

Sanjay Kapoor

Perhaps for the umpteenth time, the chatter about Priyanka Gandhi taking over as the lead campaigner of the Congress is reaching a crescendo.

UP: Does Prashant Kishore face a Sisyphean challenge?

By hiring Prashant Kishore, the Congress party has indicated to all and sundry that it is taking the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections quite seriously
Pradeep Kapoor Delhi 

‘Manmohan Singh did his best to keep Rahul Gandhi out’

In 2009, the Americans openly said they wanted Montek Singh Ahluwalia as finance minister instead of Pranab Mukherjee
Sadiq Naqvi Delhi

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