Let me talk, speak ’n express

Obstruction to freedom of expression makes the insistence on one’s own space and speech invaluable. When public spaces are patrolled and right to express oneself is suppressed, personal freedom is at stake Ankita Chawla Delhi

Whose WAR?

The Maoist problem needs to be handled with a combination of armed operation followed immediately by large scale development work in the ravaged areas. Corruption needs to be weeded out with an iron hand Rakhi Chakrabarty Delhi

Ask the adivasis...

Will the eco hot spot of Niyamgiri hills in tribal Orissa be ravaged by mining? Bibhuti Pati Lanjigada Koraput


The humble domestic worker in India is often treated like a modern-day slave

Better half? Not really

Travelling after dark is a challenge that every working woman undertakes in Delhi, but it’s not a pleasant experience and anything can happen

The nation-builders

Sudden spike in accidents and deaths has drawn attention to the condition of the anonymous mass of poor workers who are building the big dream: Delhi Metro Sadiq Naqvi Delhi

That Curtain Call…

This Naya Theatre was folk magic and high art, as rooted and relevant as Habib Saab and his amazing band of committed Chhattisgarhi actors Salim Arif Mumbai

Breaking Barriers with money

Several myths, both cultural and social from the past, are effectively punctured. Yet, this skewered reading of history is not replaced with anything very noteworthy or remarkable. Ratna Raman Delhi

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