The Invisible Green Workers

Why do waste-pickers continue to be a neglected lot, in spite of their vital contribution to keeping a city clean? 
PinkyChandran, KabirArora and Nalini Shekhar Bengaluru 

Beginning from Home

A decentralised system of segregating and disposing waste will go a long way in cleaning up our landfills
Pinky Chandran and Sandya Narayanan Bengaluru 

The caste-sanitation complex

The conversation about the relationship between caste and sanitation, therefore, must also encompass new ways of segregation and exploitation that is made possible by the primarily upper caste/middle class-driven notions of development
Lily Tekseng Delhi 

Oh shit!

The ill effects of the almost institutional practice of open-air defecation can no longer be ignored, and to clean up the government might have to dirty its hands 
Lily Tekseng Delhi

The Perils of Breathing

In spite of its supposedly excellent green cover, the air in Delhi has become the dirtiest in the world
Hardnews Bureau Delhi 

Clean up with a conscience

The Prime Minister envisions a ‘Clean India’. Will it just remain an ambitious dream or can Modi deliver?
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi

Clean-up with a Conscience

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