Diplomacy: ‘Egypt-India coordination is crucial to defend the interests of countries from the South’

The articulate Egyptian Ambassador to India, Hatem Tageldin, is optimistic that the relationship between the two countries will get better
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Syria: Too Little, Too Late?

Sanjay Kapoor

Syria has seen unmitigated destruction but it has taken the picture of a little drowned child to stir the West’s conscience
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Oil Politics:West Asia’s ‘resource curse’

Vaagisha Delhi 

ISIS: Circle of violence

Sanjay Kapoor

Every day, there is some report or the other from troubled West Asia about the inexorable march of the Islamic State of Iraq and Sy

‘Even if Mr Modi can bring half of the transformation RT Erdogan brought to Turkey, it would bring unprecedented prosperity to India’

Face to Face: Burak Akcapar, Turkish Ambassador to India
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Sanjay Kapoor

By a rough estimate, more than 32,000 books and treatises have been written on the First World War—or the Great War, as it is known—since it erupted 100 years ago.

The Escalation Before War

Can the sectarian battles that are being fought in West Asia and Africa result in something bigger?—like a full blown World War?
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European Refugee Crisis!

GEVGELIJA: A woman hugs two boys after crossing Greece's border into Macedonia near Gevgelija, Macedonia, August 22, 2015.

When tweets don’t work

Sanjay Kapoor

It was a year ago that the Jasmine revolution swept the Arab world.

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