BRICS takes a stand against terrorism

Hardnews Bureau

In the two day summit of the fastest, emerging economies in the world, all eyes are on economic cooperation and open borders
Hardnews Bureau Delhi 

Lt. Col. Purohit gets bail, activists ask what about other terror accused?

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Jamia Teachers’ Solidarity Association (JTSA) released a press statement and said that they hoped the ‘justice’ granted to Colonel Purohit is extended to all terror-accused, irrespective of their religion

Barcelona terror attack kills 13

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The police are treating the incident as a multiple planned terrorist attack
Hardnews Bureau Delhi 

NIA raids a dozen places in Kashmir after terror funding tip-off

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New Delhi: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has conducted raids at about a dozen places in the Kashmir valley in connection with alleged terror funding from Pakistan and Pakistan-occupied-Ka

Taliban suicide bomber kills 35 in Kabul

While claiming responsibility for the attack, Taliban claimed that several intelligence officers have been killed
Hardnews Bureau Delhi

Riyadh’s long arm in Afghanistan

The latest blast in Kabul is but another ominous sign of the Saudi-Pakistani game plan underway in Afghanistan 
Shrinivas S Sohoni Delhi

Tehran's terror attack shakes the state National TV station more than the people

The attacks have stoked debates about the decision of Iranian national TV to restrict the coverage of the incident to a news-ticker at the bottom of the TV screen in place of live coverage and debate
Maryam Papi Tehran

The root of this crisis is Qatar’s Independent Foreign Policy: Expert

Hardnews Bureau

In an interview with Hardnews Foreign Policy, Birol Baskan, the Assistant Professor at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar, spoke about the causes of the diplomatic crisis and the possible outcomes of the embargo as it unfolds

“Any attacks in the future in Kabul will be entirely by the pro-Pakistan groups who want to create a new bogey — the ISIS bogey”

Hardnews Foreign Policy spoke with Anand Arni after the recent terror attacks in Kabul, which killed 120 people. The interview touched up the possible causes for the recent spurt in violence, the involvement of Pakistan and the complicated scenario unfolding in the war-torn country

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