Virat Kohli

The Monarchy of Virat Kohli

Sandeep Kumar

The unceremonious eviction of Anil Kumble from the post of head coach and the scathing resignation letter that Ramachandra Guha sent to the COA indicate that the superstar culture in India is now virtually unchecked
Nikhil Thiyyar Delhi  

The Man with the Midas Touch

Virat Kohli has hit a purple patch that belies all expectations
Sandeep Kumar Delhi

Kohli scores, India wins

With the entire pressure on Kohli, and the rest of the batting order failing, it could cost India the World Cup again
Sandeep Kumar Delhi

Modi on big visit, but Dhaka eager for Virat

Narendra Modi’s first visit to Dhaka and the Land Boundary Agreement evoke a tepid response from Bangladeshis

Afsan Chowdhury Dhaka 

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