Vladimir Putin

Bear Hug from Mediterranean to Indian Ocean

Russia has unveiled a new strategic paradigm    
Lt Gen Rameshwar Yadav Delhi


Obama warns action against Russia

Hardnews Bureau

The outgoing president threatens a retaliatory strike, but that may be unlikely given the little time he has left and Trump’s affinity for Putin
Hardnews Bureau Delhi

Russia’s sudden withdrawal from Syria has perplexed many

Given that Russia was making some much needed headway in breaking down the ISIS stranglehold in Syria and bringing peace to the region, it is puzzling as to why Putin has decided to withdraw his forces abruptly
Hardnews Bureau Delhi 

Fallacy of Peak Oil

Sanjay Kapoor

Since the peak of June 2014, the price of oil has plummetted by about 70%. At the time when the price was in the vicinity of $140 per barrel, no one really believed it could ever come down.

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