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Paradise Papers: The moral dilemmas of tax avoidance

Mohan Guruswamy

The tranche of documents uncovered recently has not only brought several stalwarts of Indian politics, cinema industry, and business tycoons under scanner but has also thrown up pertinent questions over the moral dilemmas of avoiding tax

Mohan Guruswamy

Those Who Should Be Named and the Feminist October Revolution

Ratna Raman

While some Feminists might stonewall the moment where young women are calling out their harassers, the compilation of the 'sexual predators' list is an important process in breaking the same fear as calling out Lord Voldemorts name did in Hogwarts

Ratna Raman

Instability in Tamil Nadu: BJP is the third at a table for two

R Sridhar Rao

The ADMK caught in the maelstrom of its warring factions has left the state without decisive leadership and allowed the BJP to take control. This political manoeuvring is a cause of much worry for the common Tamilian who has prospered because of the stability bipartisan politics brought them
R Sridhar Rao Nagapattinam

Bofors: The Quattrochi and Hinduja connection

Mohan Guruswamy

Acting on a directive of the Lok Sabha’s Public Accounts Committee, the CBI will now be writing to the government seeking its permission to restart the investigations into the alleged Bofors pay-offs
Mohan Guruswamy Delhi

The life and times of Ebie Ebrahim

Before the release of Ebrahim Ismail Ebrahim’s memoir, a small booklet provides insights into the fearless life of the Africa National Congress revolutionary leader of Indian origin, son of a Gujarati migrant, who devoted his life to the cause of freeing South Africa from the clutches of a cruel, racist regime

Sanjay Kapoor Delhi

Varanasi’s MSMEs pummeled by Demonetisation

The Prime Minister’s move to demonetise currency notes has hit those at the bottom of the industrial food chain the hardest

Anurag Bohra

Eleven reasons why BJP Lost Bihar

Our October Issue called the elections first, our cover story detailed how the Gathbandhan would reclaim the state. Here is a quick look at the main reasons that led to the defeat of the BJP in Bihar and the landslide victory of the unlikely, Grand Alliance
Hardnews Bureau, Delhi

Modi's Vision for India

The first session of the 16th Lok Sabha began with the President laying out the vision of the new government for the country
Hardnews Bureau Delhi 

Bring back our girls

The brazen kidnapping of 300 girls from a high school in Nigeria has sent shockwaves around the world, earning criticism for the government in failing to prevent the impending attack
Souzeina Mushtaq Delhi 

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