Xi Jinping

Panchsheel shall guide India-China relations

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At the BRICS summit, India and China met for the first time since Doklam, both countries reaffirm their commitment to peace

BRICS takes a stand against terrorism

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In the two day summit of the fastest, emerging economies in the world, all eyes are on economic cooperation and open borders
Hardnews Bureau Delhi 

Doklam standoff: What follows thereafter?

Sanjay Kapoor

The end of the two-month-long standoff between India and China leaves several questions in its wake: who succeeded over whom, why did India pull its troops back and what happens next
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi 

Chinese Chequers: Insecurity and Hubris Syndrome

By locking horns with India over the Doklam plateau, is China acting on its imagined insecurities and squandering an opportunity to make an ally of New Delhi?
Lt Gen Rameshwar Yadav Delhi 

Cornershop Nationalism: Say No, to Chinese Goods

Shalini Sharma

Swadeshi Jagran Manch, has been leading a campaign to cut down imports from China. At the heart of the matter are the outstanding diplomatic issues with Beijing pertaining to the border in the east and Beijing’s all-weather friendship with neighbouring Pakistan
Shalini Sharma Delhi  

The Tibet, India and China Triangular Tangle

Mohan Guruswamy

As India enters a period when a great economic expansion is most possible, it would be unwise for it to get involved in an expensive and debilitating international rivalry
Mohan Guruswamy Delhi 

China’s Dalai Lama obsession!

Hardnews Bureau

Editorial: May
Hardnews Bureau Delhi

China is Usurping Tibetan Buddhism

Sanjay Kapoor

The Chinese are working relentlessly to undermine the authority of the Dalai Lama. Their intransigent campaign could mean that Beijing appoints his spiritual successor
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi

China’s Growing Dominance: Maritime Silk Route and its futuristic impact

China's manoeuvring in the East China Sea has gone unnoticed by both India and USA
Shubhda Chaudhary Delhi

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