Angst in My Pants


Taking a tip from some very, very senior and highly respected journalists and some very, very senior but not as highly respected news anchors, I have decided to write nice things about NarendraModi from now onwards — just in case he does become Prime Minister of India (gulp). I still have Amitbhai Shah’s Muzaffarnagar speech about revenge being the only answer ringing in my ears — I can’t ever forget that Amitbhai is Modi’s hatchet-wielding right-hand man.

Beam me AAP

The nation has finally discovered that AAP stands for Alphonso Aadmi Party – there’s absolutely nothing aam about some of its ministers: Law Minister Somnath Bharti, in particular, attacking and publically humiliating African women because their prudish neighbours made shocking remarks about them (these people are not like us, they wear short skirts, their food smells, they are drug addicts and sex workers, and so on) is just not done. Particularly after the Delhi Police refused to make arrests without a warrant.

Goodbye, Trollistan

After expressing scorn and outrage over political issues on Twitter for about two years, I’ve decided to retire while still relatively unhurt and stick to writing about safer subjects – say, posting dead boring details about my meals.

For example, “Had fab, melty cheese-chorizo omelette for breakfast with crunchy French fries.”