Angst in My Pants


I woke up screaming this morning. I dreamt that I was travelling to some vague destination (you know how disjointed and blurry dreams can be) and my flight was forced to make an emergency landing in Melbourne. I had a day to kill in Australia. In my nightmare, I spent that entire day dodging nasty gangs wielding crow bars, cricket bats - the works. I pinched myself really hard several times over to reassure myself that it was just a sickening dream. As a result of which, I bruised myself so badly in the process, so now I do look like I spent quality time in Australia, after all. 

Peace prize in times of war

I'm overjoyed that US President Obama got the Nobel peace prize based on the rather impressive body of work he's not yet done for world peace. This means, I stand a chance to win it within the next few years - hey, I too have good intentions to foster brotherly love. I'm anti-nukes. I go one step further than Obama as well - I believe that even Osama bin Laden has a good heart - all we have to do is find him and rip it out as proof.

Remembering Gandhi

I pick up the newspapers with a great deal of eagerness these days for reports on the UPA's new austerity drive. I heartily approve of it despite the fact that some critics sneer that it is 'mere tokenism' - my answer to them is, so what?  I, for one, deeply appreciate the sentiments behind it, and am optimistic that something good may eventually come of it. Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi put it across very nicely in this statement: "Yes, it is about symbolism, it is about sending a message.