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Pakistan: raising hopes

Due to the long march and the ensuing chaos, there were fears expressed by the strategic establishment in India that the probe into Mumbai might lose its way


This putrid new India

Sanjay Kapoor

India wasn’t like this. The corrupt, the crooked and those who were impacted by investigative and adversarial journalism did not outright kill a reporter or an editor if he did not really relent.

History might lose Congress

Sanjay Kapoor

For long the party has lost its connection with the masses and it has been outsourcing its struggle to smaller parties and even NGOs
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi

Déjà vu

Sanjay Kapoor

NDTV’s promoter, Prannoy Roy, did not conceal his gratification at the solidarity expressed by media persons and several superannuated editors at the Press Club in New Delhi after his premises were

Regional tug of war

Sanjay Kapoor

On May 5, the Indian space agency fired a meteorological and communication satellite to provide mapping and early warning to countries of South Asia including Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan,

Bad times

Sanjay Kapoor

It really cannot get more bizarre.


Swept under the Carpet

Sanjay Kapoor

On January 11 this year, a Supreme Court bench of Justices Arun Mishra and Amitava Roy dismissed the public interest litigation by Common Cause that demanded the constitution of a Special Investiga

Reporting in a post-truth world

Sanjay Kapoor

Ever since Narendra Modi came to power in 2014, those aligned with his ideology have been openly derisive of journalists they say oppose the BJP.

Persia Reawakens

Sanjay Kapoor

When Iranian President Hasan Rouhani began to speak at the media summit in Tehran where I was invited to speak, I pleasantly realized that I could get a drift of his speech.

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