Hot Head

This suicidal madness

The July edition of Hardnews on Pakistan got a fantastic response from our readers. The issue was different from other Indian publications as it gave space to diverse voices from Pakistan. What came across strongly in these writings was that contrary to the view repeated in a section of our media, Pakistan, despite its problems, was not going away in any hurry. 

The god that failed

Gods and Godmen are failing all around us. Doubts and reservations have replaced the halo around those who have been giving spiritual fix to their unquestioning followers. Sathya Sai Baba, who died on April 24, 2011, has been worshipped as God on earth by millions of his followers for his magical abilities, whereby he would produce from thin air miscellaneous objects: ash, Rolex watches, sundry gifts. Controversies never left Sai Baba during his 80-year life journey.

Lynch mob catharsis is no justice

In the last few months, some seriously rich and powerful people have been sent to Tihar Jail on charges of corruption, forgery and defrauding the government. Let's not forget that these are allegations whose veracity has to be proved through painstaking investigations with formidable evidence as well as a trial in a court of law. At the time of writing, about a dozen odd well-connected individuals involved in what is infamously called the Rs 1,79,000 crore 2G scam are cooling their heels in Delhi's Tihar Jail.

Hawala to Spectrum Tectonic Shift

Ever since Supreme Court (SC) took charge of overseeing the investigation into the 2G spectrum scam and began cranking the inertia-ridden Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) into furious action, a section of the country's corporate sector, for the first time, seems very uncertain about staying away from jail. This is perhaps for the first time since independence that top honchos of the corporate sector have had to present themselves at the CBI office for questioning.

Bitter harvest of reforms

Just the other day, a well-informed political commentator perceptively remarked that every 10-15 years, Indian society and politics goes through a period of churning and tumult that leads to much desired catharsis. While it is true that Indian politics does indeed go through turmoil every now and then, one is not sure whether it ushers the necessary changes in our society.