Muharram’s ties with justice

Muharram is long over but the memory of that month of the Islamic calendar continues to play on the mind. The mourning rituals witnessed in Lucknow during these months in remembrance of the martyrdom in the seventh century of Husain, grandson of Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam, once again raised questions of rationality in this day and age.

Dara, unlikely crown prince

It is impossible to be in Srinagar and not meditate upon the memory of Dara Shikoh. Born in Ajmer, Dara had travelled throughout South Asia as crown prince of the Mughal empire. But he built a library and retreat in Srinagar in 1650 called Pari Mahal, a sprawling terrace garden around a place of learning. The ruins of this retreat still overlook the shimmering Dal Lake. 


Women are harassed worldwide but, in India, the lack of empathy of most law enforcement agencies regarding problems faced by women is shocking. As far as the law is concerned, the position of women in society is equal but in reality whenever things go wrong in the home, street or office it is invariably the fault of the woman who is promptly held responsible and punished.

Nagar best embodies Lucknawi ‘pehle aap’ culture

To better understand what makes Lucknow unique and its citizens so special read Amritlal Nagar. The birth anniversary celebration of one of the city’s most charming chroniclers is a golden opportunity to rediscover Nagar’s writings inspired by life in Lucknow.

The Hindi author’s work has a cinematic quality that leaves a lasting impression in the mind of the reader of a time when citizens belonging to various communities and practising different faiths had more in common with one another than is now remembered and even less practised.

The Indian Subcontinent’s First Melting Pot

Lucknow has always been a smart city.  Even though somewhere along the way the city lost its sheen and was reduced to a shameful shabbiness, the latest figures released by the Union Tourism Ministry reveal that visitors still love Lucknow.

Last year, Uttar Pradesh, of which Lucknow is the capital, received 2.91 million visitors, which is higher than Delhi’s 2.32 million. It’s safe to assume that a majority of visitors to UP went to the state in order to see Lucknow.