Student, Male, Minister, 24, with a beautiful blonde hairdo

In a major shake-up within Austria's Conservative Party, Sebastian Kurz, a 24-year-old law student with a beautiful blond hairdo, has been appointed junior minister in the coalition government led by the Socialist Party. Even before the young Sebastian is shown the way to his office, he has become a political sensation. The media has gone overboard questioning the appointment of one so young as minister of integration. 

The air is rent with, "Oh my god! A boy asked to do a man's job, what?"

Open society and its seasons

It is cinema season in Vienna. Of course, there is cinema throughout the year here, including the open air screenings under the summer skies when each star seems as big as the moon.

But the Viennale is different. The grand festival of international films forces the city to open its doors every autumn to the whole world, at least on screen. 

Perhaps Vienna is different too. No wonder it has been voted second year in a row as the city with the best quality of life in the world.