Triumph’s individuality

Individuals will continue to rule Indian sport, including cricket, marked as it is by episodes of record-breaking triumph amidst pervasive mediocrity

N Chandra Mohan Delhi

The champagne can wait

If India has a (slim) chance of winning the cup, it is only because it can mobilise the vast and manic cricket public to back them

Vikram Bedi Delhi

Last minute culture

Run-down Jamaica fixes its windows, paints its doors, repairs its roads, lights its streets, as the big carnival down the way hits the Caribbean

Amitabh Sharma Kingston, Jamaica

World Cup and all that hype

From a one-week quiet show to a protracted 45-day jamboree, the World Cup will surely begin with a whimper — but will it all end in a drab, predictable final or a do or die, fight to the finish big bang?

Veturi Srivatsa Delhi

Corus chorus, not so porous

If the Tata and Birla global conquests are a prelude to similar enactments in future, that is sufficient reason why we should be wary of media-induced euphoria and debt-financed illusions of a ‘global Indian takeover’

Sukumar Muralidharan Delhi

Buddha faces backlash

The secular Muslim community in rural Bengal is the vanguard of the resistance movement against big business industrialisation.And the Left might pay heavily for that

Rajat Roy Delhi

See you, ladies

In its clean-up drive, have Khaleda Zia and Sheikh Hasina been told to quit Bangladesh by the caretaker regime backed by the army?

Pranay Sharma Delhi

Rashomon’s Osama

The film emotes the fears and anxieties of a little girl imprisoned in Taliban’s brutish Afghanistan where women were less than second-class citizens

Nasrin Sultana Delhi

Fake Cake

If our prime minister and his cheerleader economists and journos look at the big picture, they will know that the Corus or Novelis takeovers add little to the national bottomline and only the foreign debt has gone up

Mohan Guruswamy Helsinki

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