The poor will inherit the earth. Yes, but how?

If the government is redesigning the metros for the rich, then these Shanghais might turn out to be urban disasters

Dunu Roy Delhi

This high is low

In its quest to meet the goal of universal education at the primary level, India has neglected its institutions of higher learning. And we might have to pay a heavy price for that

Nishi Malhotra Delhi

Ten per cent growth amid the dance of death

To revive Indian agriculture from the abyss of low growth and mass suicides, farmers desperately need an income commission as a social security net

Devinder Sharma Delhi

You may say I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one...

People don’t want hunger, indignity, injustice. People don’t want to commit mass suicide. People want to enter the mainstream, enjoy the fruits of democracy

Amit Sengupta Delhi

Con job

Guru depicts the conflict between the privileged few who run the country and wish to throttle competition, and self-made grassroots people who refuse to be cowed down

Partha Chatterjee Delhi

‘Nothing wrong with making IB chief a governor’

One of the promises of the UPA government was to usher in administrative reforms to improve the delivery systems. Cabinet Secretary, B K Chaturvedi, who has spent 40 years in the civil service, has been trying hard to make it modern and efficient so that it fits better with the new economic and social environment. In an exclusive interview with Sanjay Kapoor Hardnews, in his office in the Cabinet Secretariat, Chaturvedi spoke on the controversies surrounding the appointment of governors, empanelment of secretaries, the Soli Sorabjee report, and e-governance. Excerpts:

Justice in shambles

Anguish, frustration, indifference and nitpicking mark the system, calling for drastic remedial steps

Vijay Sanghvi Delhi

Vikram Bedi Delhi

A spectre is haunting (not just) Indian nationalists so desperately keen on ‘development’: the ghost of a ‘China’ determinedly led by the communists, via miracle growth-levels, back to a position of global pre-eminence. There is, in India, a mixture of embarrassment, envy and fear that is increasingly encouraged and mobilised by Indian propagandists of growth-centric ‘development’ and economics.

Gloom that booms

Those obsessed with the ghost of China can’t accept that this hyper-growth is jobless, an ecological holocaust, brutalising thousands forcibly displaced by gigantic projects

Vikram Bedi Delhi

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