Learn the hard way

Private institutes flourish not due to the quality of education, but often because they simply mislead students and charge exorbitant fees

Pallavi Chandra Delhi

Bangla Shining?

west bengal 
After three decades of power, a spectre is haunting the CPI(M): the spectre of Nandigram. Faced with widespread outrage, the Left Front is  resorting to corporate-style media propaganda

Rajat Roy Kolkata

North by Northeast

7 sisters 
The Centre has neglected the country’s Northeast states far too long. Will the foreign minister’s recent interaction with people bring any substantive change?

Pranay Sharma Shillong

Insomnia at Marine Drive

marine drive 
Bolstered by its claim to resettle slum-dwellers, the Centre plans to recast Mumbai’s coastal zone much to the joy of the builders’ lobby. This could spell disaster, argue ecologists

Gajanan Khergamker Mumbai

VS vs Pinarayi The long and short of it

A brief history of love-hate in the Kerala CPI(M)

Jeemon Jacob Thiruvananthapuram

Getting responsible?

Mostly a shallow tryst of world leaders as usual, this year’s G8 summit did bring about some surprising commitments on emissions reduction and egalitarian growth

Lars Meyer Berlin

The myth of ‘Greater China’

china mohan 
History has moved on. For the 21st century to be stable, 20th century borders must be stable, whatever be our yearnings

Mohan Guruswamy Diqen (Yunnan, China)

Old but not stale

In the absence of quality releases in 2007, it’s better to spend an evening at home with last year’s critically acclaimed Dor, Khosla ka Ghosla and Kabul Express

Nishi Malhotra Delhi

Flooded with wrong ideas

Dams in Nepal have been proposed as a solution to north Bihar’s flood problems. But are they really the way out?

Dinesh Mishra Patna

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