‘The judiciary will not fall in line with politicians’

Law Minister H R Bharadwaj’s legal management skills and sound advice is sought whenever the UPA government is seen running foul of the courts. Needless to say, he has acquitted himself with honour by ensuring that the delicate balance between the judiciary and the executive is not disturbed. He disagrees with the view—made famous by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh—that the courts are over reaching themselves. His contention is that courts step in when the executive fails to perform its duty.  Bharadwaj is also excited by the revolutionary gram Nyayalaya programme, in which 6,000-7,000 judges would go to the villages and dispose off pending cases.

Excerpts from an interview with Sanjay Kapoor

A man’s murder, a woman’s funeral

Why is the Gujarat government opposing a CBI enquiry in the fake encounter of Sohrabuddin Sheikh? Is it because it will bring Narendra Modi and his Home Minister, Amit Shah, under the scanner?

Amit Sengupta Delhi

Death of a nun

Even after 15 years, a catholic nun's suspected rape and murder haunts the church and the CBI in Kerala

Jeemon Jacob Thiruvananthapuram

Bad pitch

Despite the high scores, the 2007 Cricket World Cup will be remembered for all the wrong reasons

Veturi Srivatsa Delhi

Pol Pot’s death factory

With China backing the Cambodian leadership with ready cash, the tribunal on the Khmer Rouge genocide might never take off

Pranay Sharma Phnom Penh

Bangla dilemma

The military-backed   crackdown in Bangladesh by the caretaker regime has pushed the BNP and the Awami League on the backfoot. But will it lead to democracy or yet another spell of camouflaged dictatorship

Afsan Chowdhury Dhaka

Sex, lies and children

India’s best kept dirty secret is out. More children are sexually abused in our country than anywhere else in the world.
Nishi Malhotra

Dont bet on backwardness

The formulaic approach to reservations should be abandoned in favour of more subtlety and sensitivity. This would be an unequivocal gain for the cause of social justice, instead of plotting acts of institutional vengeance 
Sukumar Muralidharan



Your honour at stake

It is important that the government and the entire society work towards restoring the credibility of the judiciary at all levels so that it dispenses justice without fear or favour

Sanjay Kapoor

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