Will Akhilesh pass the litmus test?

Abeer Kapoor

While there is widespread consensus that the young Samajwadi Party chief has salvaged his image by distancing himself from the old guard, the opinion regarding his five-year rule remains as divided as ever
Abeer Kapoor Delhi

‘Hindu Vigilantes are the New Taliban’

In an interview with Hardnews, Anand Teltumbde talks about the demolition of the Ambedkar Bhavan, the incident in Una, dual standards of the ruling party, the blatant discrimination against Dalits and how the caste system needs to be consigned to history’s dustbin
Hardnews Bureau Delhi

BGRPD: Bhartiya Gau Rakshak Police Department

As vigilante behaviour over the bovine species increases in India, law enforcement officials sit back and do nothing
Abeer Kapoor Delhi

Where is the Dalit music?

We heard Dub Sharma, Sylvie and the songs of resistance as the ‘Jai Bhim- Lal Salaam’ movement picked up momentum, but the music of the Dalits was conspicuous by its absence.

Delta’s death creates outrage

The alleged rape and murder of a young Dalit girl has gone virtually unnoticed by the mainstream media
Akshay Sharma Delhi

Clampdown in Hyderabad campus, Protests erupt

After JNU, protests and police repression hit Hyderabad Univ once again
Abeer Kapoor Delhi 

Do not go Gentle into that Good Night

Like Beethoven's ‘Ode to Joy’, JNU celebrates the culture of dissent and intellectual freedom
Amit Sengupta Delhi 

The Genie of Nationalism

If anyone thinks that Modi can be persuaded by public appeals, pluralist ideas and logical arguments, then, it seems, they will be sadly mistaken
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi 

Doctored Tapes, and a Doctored Speech

In its attempt to spin a web of lies the BJP has been caught red handed 
Anand Teltumbde Mumbai 

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