Whose WAR?

The Maoist problem needs to be handled with a combination of armed operation followed immediately by large scale development work in the ravaged areas. Corruption needs to be weeded out with an iron hand Rakhi Chakrabarty Delhi

उत्पीड़न पर आदिवासी आंदोलन

उत्पीड़न पर आदिवासी आंदोलन  उड़ीसा में निजी स्वार्थों के चलते गरीब आदिवासियों के आंदोलन को माओवादियों का संगठित विद्रोह घोषित कर दिया गया जिससे कि उनकी स्थिति में सुधार न हो सके.  संजय कपूर

How green was my valley

Vested interests in Orissa painted a spontaneous protest by dispossessed tribal people as an organised Maoist rebellion to make sure that their gravy train does not come to a halt By Sanjay Kapoor Kalinganagar

Choosing sides

Justice and security sector reforms are perhaps the best way to ensure delivery of programmes for the poorBy Anju Gupta Aligarh