How India Can Create Jobs Immediately

Hardnews Bureau

The Indian government is faced with a challenging  task, that of job creation. Hardnews spoke to eminent economist Santosh Mehrotra on how the country can use existing policies to create millions of jobs.

Hardnews Bureau


The great Demonetisation botch-up

Sanjay Kapoor

The RBI’s report on demonetisation is a damning critique of the government’s decision and shows how it had no clue about the move’s implications or how bad it will hurt the economy
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi

‘Brazil is back in the Game’

Sanjay Kapoor

As Brazil reels under a political crisis, Ambassador Tovar da Silva Nunes speaks to Hardnews about the current situation in the country and the scope and depth of the relationship it shares with India
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi

Migrants in Turkey pray for return to Syria

Tuvan Gumrukcu

REYHANLI: Ahmad Mustafa fled northern Syria to Turkey four months ago, badly injuring his hand along the way.

Budget 2017: It could have been better. It could have been worse

Mohan Guruswamy

What made people anxious or more interested in this budget is that it came under the overhang of the demonetization, which seriously hit the economy
Mohan Guruswamy Delhi

Budget 2017 aims to clean up political funding, push for rural development

Hardnews Bureau

Income Tax rate for annual income bracket of Rs 2.5-5 lakh halved to 5 percent
Hardnews Bureau Delhi

Pranab Mukherjee: It is a historic budget session

New Delhi: President Pranab Mukherjee today termed this year’s budget session a ‘historic’ one, heralding the advancement of the Budget cycle and merger of the Railway Budget with the General Budge

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