The Devil’s Disciples

Intolerance and bigotry on Pakistan’s campuses are symptoms of a deeper malaise – authoritarianism, disrespect for knowledge and disdain for free thought and inquiry
Pervez Hoodbhoy Newsline

Research takes backseat as UGC slashes Funds and Fellowships

Shibu Kumar Tripathi

The ever increasing budgetary cuts in higher education and research, and now the termination of fellowship for non-JRF scholars has once again dragged students to the point where confrontation is likely to dominate educational campuses nationally
Shibu Kumar Tripathi Delhi 

Delhi government’s first-ever outcome budget focuses on health and education

Hardnews Bureau

In order to increase connectivity between Delhi and north eastern states, tax on air turbine fuel has been lowered from 25 percent to 1 percent
Hardnews Bureau Delhi

‘Chunauti 2018’ will lead to a structural change in Delhi’s education system

Shibu Kumar Tripathi

Atishi Marlena, Adviser to Deputy CM Manish Sisodia, talks about the lacunae in Delhi’s education system and how to bridge them
Shibu Kumar Tripathy Delhi

The curious case of IIMC

As students of the institute allege online surveillance and arbitrary punishments, the administration defends itself by saying that institutional indiscipline has reached peak levels and must be tackled
Shibu Kumar Tripathi Delhi

Tribal Education: The Rigidity of the Written Word

Hardnews Bureau

Efforts by the Maharashtra government to tackle language based exclusion are commendable but they are only one part of the solution
Hardnews Bureau Delhi

What will it take to transform Uttar Pradesh?

Hardnews Bureau Lucknow


DU Admission: Walls which are too high to climb

The cut-offs in Delhi University continue to rise unabated
Misbah Khan and Simran Chugh Delhi

Alice had amnesia in Wonderland

Two years after assuming power, the Modi government is yet to fulfil some of its key promises. Is it time for the janta maaf nahin karegi memes to make a comeback?
Nikhil Thiyyar Delhi 

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