Good times? Three years to go...

Editorial: June 2016
Hardnews Bureau Delhi 

Spoof: Spin Maestro’s Masterpiece

Who was behind the NDA government’s two-year anniversary? Was it someone in faraway New York or a whiz closer home? Our reporter meets the elusive, self-proclaimed mystery strategist in the Big Apple
Ajith Pillai Delhi 

A Report Card of 730 Days

While the Narendra Modi government has unleashed a publicity blitzkrieg around its so-called achievements, a closer analysis reveals that not all is hunky-dory
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi 

New Scaffoldings of Struggle at DU

The machinations in higher education are no longer those of one or two whimsical individuals: this is an amorphous, menacing force, reducing institutions to rubble. A new gazette has unfurled itself on college staffroom notice boards, a sign of ominous times
Ratna Raman Delhi

Cinema: The Dreams we Weave

Nil Battey Sannata is a life-affirming tale which is at its heart an ode to mothers. The film sends a strong message about the importance of education
Sonali Ghosh Sen Delhi 

How participative is the Right to Education?

The School Management Committee was a revolutionary step making community participation imperative in all government schools. But is it working?

Education is not a commodity

Ratna Raman Delhi 

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