‘I feel very much at home in India’: Melba Pria

Hardnews Bureau

On the occasion of Mexico’s 207th National Day, ambassador Melba Pria speaks to Hardnews about the significance the day holds for the country and also delves into the scope and nature of the Latin American nation’s relations with India, especially in the backdrop of the changing geopolitics in the region

After Dave, what will happen to GM Mustard?

Shibu Kumar Tripathi

The genetically modified variety of mustard has been facing stiff opposition from farmers and activists as it is said that the crop will degrade the quality of soil and increase health risks
Shibu Kumar Tripathi Delhi

Can Delhi get out of this gas chamber?

As India’s capital figures on yet another list of the world’s most polluted cities, experts offer solutions
Shibu Kumar Tripathi Delhi

Of Scatology and Manual Scavenging

Rupa Gulab

In 21st-century India, the shit has reached critical mass and is spinning out of control as it continues to splatter, raising a stink
Ratna Raman Delhi

Delhi pollution: Living in a gas chamber

Hardnews Bureau

The day after Diwali the citizens of Delhi woke up to a city enveloped in lethal smog. We only have ourselves to blame
Hardnews Bureau Delhi

An Ecosystem Annihilated

The brazen levelling of the Yamuna floodplains for the World Culture Festival has caused possibly irrevocable damage to the ecosystem of the plains according to the seven-member expert committee appointed by the National Green Tribunal (NGT). Hardnews had reported on this issue extensively in March and had predicted that extensive environmental damage could occur due to the festival
 Hardnews Bureau Delhi

How Doon was my Valley

The move to make the quaint old green town of Dehradun a smart city can ravage its sensitive ecology
Rakesh Agrawal Dehradun

If this is the nature of the environmental governance, then all bets are off: Ravi Agarwal

There is a skewed understanding of nature and its destruction that is on display at World Cultural Festival
Abeer Kapoor New Delhi

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