“It’s not their love for cow, it's their hatred against Muslims”

Shalini Sharma

Eighteen days after Pehlu Khan was attacked in Alwar, the family assembled at Jantar Mantar for a dharna. They are yet to receive any word of assurance from the centre or the state government
Shibu Kumar Tripathi Delhi

Biryani in the time of Fafdas

Sanjay Kapoor

My recent trip to Gujarat was largely uneventful except for all the fafdas (some crazy shaped puffs made of gram flour) that I had during my road journey to Surat from Ahmedabad.

Swiggy: Scrolling through food

With a gamut of food delivery apps flooding the market, Swiggy emerges as the disputed king of food delivery
Nikhil Thiyyar Delhi  

Travel & Food: Morning has broken with a full moon

Himachal Pradesh is a place one returns to, again and again, with the same delight and astonishment as the first time
Ratna Raman Yol

Sweet little orb

Oranges, with their juicy segments and tangy zest, can be savoured not only as fruit but also as chutney and pickle
Ratna Raman Delhi 

Upma: Justice for Cereal Killers

For an answer to the packaged food crisis, we need look no further than our own cuisine
Ratna Raman Delhi 

Budget: Secret subsidy to the rich

Devinder Sharma Chandigarh 


Celebrate the delicious kaleidoscope of the eternal ‘madrasi’ dosa in a million reincarnations across the Indian landscape of taste, delicacy and insatiable elementary desires
Ratna Raman Delhi

It’s raining DIRTY Money here…

Even while people in Marathwada and Vidarbha crave for rains and relief, politicians not only hate rains, they are declaring normal rainfall zones as drought-hit. Clearly, financial bounties of drought relief are too high Aritra Bhattacharya Aurangabad (Maharashtra)

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