The Devil’s Disciples

Intolerance and bigotry on Pakistan’s campuses are symptoms of a deeper malaise – authoritarianism, disrespect for knowledge and disdain for free thought and inquiry
Pervez Hoodbhoy Newsline

Time to Break the Collective Silence

The liberal section of the Muslim community is at the risk of being overshadowed by fundamentalists because of their silence on key issues
Parvin Sultana

Muharram’s ties with justice

Mehru Jaffer

Muharram is long over but the memory of that month of the Islamic calendar continues to play on the mind.

Against the circle of unreason

Why is it that the Gujarat violence or Mumbai blasts affect us more intensely than the daily killings in Jammu and Kashmir? Is it insensitivity or fear?
By Iftikhar Gilani Delhi


Your terrorist, my Indian

July 11, 2006. Seven bomb blasts in Mumbai, more than 200 people killed. Back here in Batla House near Jamia Millia Islamia in Delhi, Firoz Ahmed is scared and panic-stricken.
By Nasrin Sultana Delhi

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