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In many cases, the people are picked up off the streets with no explanation for their arrest. Numerous experiences testify to this illegal detention
Harsh Dobhal Delhi

Nearly 2 lakh farmers committed suicide in India since 1997. The share of big five states accounted for 1,22,823 suicides in this 12 year period
Sadiq Naqvi Delhi

There have been reportedly more than 260 encounters in Manipur in 2009 alone
Sadiq Naqvi Delhi

A new wave of radical change is sweeping the campus corridors of West Bengal, in protest against the arrogance of a discredited CPM
Arindam Banerjee Kolkata

Homa Katouzian, 67, author of The Persians, says that to know Iran is to see the land and its people from an Iranian perspective.
Mehru Jaffer Vienna

When it comes to the idea of the ‘nation’ Bollywood is obsessed with candyfloss solutions, wrapped in melodrama: we are one happy, diverse but hierarchical family
Karen Gabriel Delhi