JULY 2010

Even if the monsoon defeats India, it comes as celebration. As it arrives, always following infinite physical suffering of a hard summer, we have no choice but to rejoice. like our democracy, it's a no choice option.

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In her third term as Delhi’s Chief Minister, Sheila Dikshit has given meaning to change. Delhi, since she came to power in 1998, looks a completely different place. New ideas of urban development have been incubated. It is not that everything has worked, but Dikshit’s government was seen to be busy doing something. Excerpts from an exclusive interview with Sanjay Kapoor in Delhi

The situation can only get worse in the coming days with even Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit admitting there would be 30 lakh more homeless on Delhi streets post-CWG.
Sadiq Naqvi Delhi

The anxious ones desperately checked if the clouds were cumulus or nimbus and if they can become giant cumulonimbus clouds that bring wonderful thunderstorms
Rupa Gulab Mumbai

For decades, monsoons have almost always meant apocalypse now for the people of Bihar, while an inefficient and corrupt state machinery counts the cash
Dinesh Kumar Mishra Patna

Trapped from all sides by expanding towns, heavy traffic highways and railway tracks, mining and poaching, can the precious little strip of Rajaji National Park save its tigers?
Akash Bisht Chilla/Rishikesh

Fifty-five women from 12 states left home for 20 days to hit the streets through 20,000km in this scorching heat across 60 towns to push the Women’s Reservation Bill
Shaweta Anand Aligarh

Delhi has been dug up for the Commonwealth Games. With heavy rains, it all might get real messy
Sadiq Naqvi Delhi