JULY 2012

July 2012

Cover Story and Featured Stories

Are the London Games a profit site for the corporates, or is it a home to promote Olympic values?
Edward Sainsbury London/Delhi 

Once the big retail chains enter, suicide might well be the only option left for those who sell vegetables on the streets, besides others like hawkers, roadside vendors and kabariwallahs
Sadiq Naqvi Delhi

Does this travelogue make me want to buy a Royal Enfield Bullet of my own and attempt to traipse across the rocky countryside?
Aditi Agrawal Delhi 

Celebrate all the gods and goddesses of athletics, the greatest sporting show on earth. Praise all the winners and all the losers. Celebrate the good, the finer and the finest…
Sandeep Kumar Delhi

A visit to the ancient temple town of Hampi brings up a disturbing question: Why are its residents condemned to dreary lives amid such natural beauty and a rich history? 
Ratna Raman Hampi (Karnataka)