September 2009
If fifty minutes of rain can immobilise the capital of a potential economic superpower with a nuclear bomb, why are we forever pumping our chests with megalomania and patriotic pride? Is there something intrinsically wrong in the systems we flaunt? If we are so powerful, why are we so powerless?
From rivers and epidemics, to terror, mass murders and hunger: what's wrong with India?

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In the past two years this hospital has recorded over 234 adult patients whose average weight was less than 32 kilograms

One has heard of science fiction. It is time to notice the growing volume of economic and statistical fiction

Locals say there were thousands of brooks flowing in this Himalayan region. Not anymore. What flows is often not fit for drinking

So how are 77 per cent Indians supposed to survive on less than Rs 20 a day?

Swine flu, yes. But why are we blind about the other annual killers: diarrhoea, malaria, Japanese encephalitis?

So why are the old dumped so ruthlessly, when it is their right to relax and enjoy after years of hard work?

About 203 districts in 20 states of the country are affected with fluoride contamination. Around 66.62 million people in these states (six million children below the age of 14) live under this ominous shadow

Truth can be akin to blasphemy if people are not allowed to decide for themselves what the truth is

As Delhi gears up for the Commonwealth Games, how is the city going to treat waste water and effluents?

The Great Indian Male Pisser is a great iconoclast. He doesn’t even spare the gods

Who drives Indian foreign policy? Or is it yet again a ‘drafting error’?

Many terror attacks later, Centre and state governments are still planning about improving the security architecture. By the time ideas are translated into action, India remains vulnerable to more attacks