A city apart

Mehru Jaffer

I have always felt that Lucknow is different. It is only recently that I have become aware of what it means to be born and brought up in Lucknow.

Nagar best embodies Lucknawi ‘pehle aap’ culture

Mehru Jaffer

To better understand what makes Lucknow unique and its citizens so special read Amritlal Nagar.

The Indian Subcontinent’s First Melting Pot

Mehru Jaffer

Lucknow has always been a smart city.  Even though somewhere along the way the city lost its sheen and was reduced to a shameful shabbiness, the latest figures

India: No country for true journalists

The increasingly hostile environment for journalists, sanctioned by official inaction, means muscle may win out over truth
Hardnews Bureau Delhi 

Emergency: This Month, that Year

A journalist who went to Tihar Jail for ‘waging war against the Government of India’ recalls the days of the Emergency
K Vikram Rao Lucknow 

People’s leader, out of reach

Mayawati scores over her predecessors, Mulayam Singh and Kalyan Singh, in making herself inaccessible Pradeep Kapoor Lucknow

Politics and smoke at HAZRATGANJ

It is not really once upon a time. It still is full of smoke, possibilities, memories. But those were the days when it used to be the hub of modern enlightenment in the heart of old Lucknow. Pradeep Kapoor Lucknow

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