The BJP government’s reluctance to make the Prakash Singh committee report public reeks of a cover up
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On his 52nd death anniversary,  we reproduce selections from our widely read cover ‘Nehru still batting after all these Years’ (November - December 2008), to mark Nehru’s contribution to Indian Independence, intellectual legacy and history

Ratna Raman Delhi

Relatively unknown compared to other tourist destinations, Patnitop is a hidden gem worth exploring
Rakesh Agarwal Patnitop 

The Real Estate Act will bring much needed cheer to home buyers across the country
Nikhil Thiyyar Delhi 

The latest Socio-Economic Caste Census data released in July last year reveals that 1.8 lakh households are engaged in manual scavenging across India. It’s time this statistic changed
Akshay Sharma Delhi 

Parul Verma Delhi

Suneeth Cherieth Delhi

Viewpoint: When it comes to public spaces and the rights of citizens, Delhi could take a lesson from Paris
Rajendra Ravi Delhi 

Counterpoint: The bulldozing of alternative narratives will only reaffirm the new struggles, a new history crafted by the most marginalized
Vinod Kottayil Kalidasan Delhi

The liberal section of the Muslim community is at the risk of being overshadowed by fundamentalists because of their silence on key issues
Parvin Sultana

The BJP government is trying to make Raghuram Rajan a scapegoat for the ills plaguing the economy
Shubhda Chaudhary Delhi

These assembly election results have shown that introspection will no longer suffice for some parties, they need to make wholesale changes
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi 

The BJP has wrested Assam from the Congress and opened its account in West Bengal, where the TMC has cemented its domination
Dhruba Basu Delhi 

While anti-incumbency was a major factor in Kerala, in Tamil Nadu it was a non-factor
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It is his simplicity and straightforwardness which makes VS Achuthanandan so popular amongst the masses
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I have always felt that Lucknow is different. It is only recently that I have become aware of what it means to be born and brought up in Lucknow.

According to the NIA, the ATS probe led by Hemant Karkare had 'planted' evidence. This is a defamatory allegation that seeks to sully the name of Karkare posthumously
Faraz Ahmad Delhi

We heard Dub Sharma, Sylvie and the songs of resistance as the ‘Jai Bhim- Lal Salaam’ movement picked up momentum, but the music of the Dalits was conspicuous by its absence.

With Fan, Shah Rukh Khan proves yet again that the star in him is alive and kicking. So whatever happened to the actor?
Nikhil Thiyyar Delhi 

Due to vigorous lobbying by NGOs in India and mounting international pressure, the Union Government has implemented stricter regulations on the usage of lead in paints
Abeer Kapoor Delhi  

The Agusta Westland saga is a pertinent example of the selective memory syndrome gripping Indian politicians
Mohan Guruswamy Delhi

Prince Mohammad bin Salman's Vision 2030 document outlines a number of significant reforms that seek to change not only the Saudi economy, but state-society relations more broadly, in a way that hasn't been done since the Kingdom’s founding
Shrinivas S Sohoni Delhi

By hiring Prashant Kishore, the Congress party has indicated to all and sundry that it is taking the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections quite seriously
Pradeep Kapoor Delhi 

The Indian Premier League finds itself in a soup once again, this time because of the water crisis
Sandeep Kumar Delhi 

Nil Battey Sannata is a life-affirming tale which is at its heart an ode to mothers. The film sends a strong message about the importance of education
Sonali Ghosh Sen Delhi 

In 2009, I travelled to Geneva, Switzerland, to follow up on the mysterious case of the Pune-based stud farm owner, Hasan Ali Khan.

Editorial:  May 2016
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Winning the Mandate by Bidyut Chakraborty and Sugato Hazra is a pedantic tome about the 2014 general election which leaves a lot of questions unanswered
Abeer Kapoor Delhi

The honest season is a searing allegory about what goes on behind closed doors in the circles of power Shubhda Chaudhary Delhi 

The drought now covers 28,662 of Maharashtra’s 43,000 villages. That’s a whopping 66 per cent of the rural population. And yet the state government seems utterly clueless and insensitive
Aritra Bhattacharya Mumbai 

For the megawatt charisma of SRK version 2.0, one will have to wait for another day, and a much braver movie
Sonali Ghosh Sen Delhi 

The Centre’s attempt to undermine legislative process in Uttarakhand has backfired, indicating a short-sightedness that will not aid the BJP in the 2017 Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections
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If the Left Front manages to clinch victory in West Bengal then a viable political alternative to the BJP might emerge
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi 

A resurgent Left in West Bengal has managed to revive its grassroots base and regain the confidence of the voting public
Hardnews Bureau Delhi 

The Left is no longer left behind. A new radical rainbow coalition of Left assertion is shining like a red star in India. New barricades, alliances and scaffoldings are being enacted. The times they are changing
Amit Sengupta Delhi