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Tanmay Delhi 

It’s a story which repeats itself year after year. Purebred dogs are bought thoughtlessly and then abandoned when they are no longer convenient
Nikhil Thiyyar Delhi 

It’s a story which repeats itself year after year. Purebred dogs are bought thoughtlessly and then abandoned when they are no longer convenient
Nikhil Thiyyar Delhi 

The intimate memoir narrates the experiences of a woman who strove to break out of the stereotypical roles imposed by society
Sebati Iyengar Delhi 

The unregulated influx of tourism in Uttarakhand every year imposes heavy burden on the limited resource
Mukesh Rawat Delhi

Prejudice and xenophobia are rampant in India
Hardnews Bureau Delhi 

A country gets the comedians it deserves
Nikhil Thiyyar Delhi 

James Wan conjures yet another creepy movie which compulsively plays on your nerves
Devika Sharma Delhi

Two years after assuming power, the Modi government is yet to fulfil some of its key promises. Is it time for the janta maaf nahin karegi memes to make a comeback?
Nikhil Thiyyar Delhi 

India’s Chabahar pact with Iran is historic, but it must not take it for granted
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi 

HBO’s Game of Thrones has trod a fine line on the question of gender, often falling into age-old traps while undermining masculinity, but Season 6 gets some things right
Dhruba Basu Delhi

The ruling regime’s obsessive campaign to erase Nehru’s legacy is a violation of the essence of the Indian Constitution and is bound to boomerang
SN Sahu Delhi

Notes from the National Film Festival 2016: the distribution of the awards may have disappointed (with good reason), but the terrain of Indian cinema does not
Dhruba Basu Delhi 

The Sykes-Picot agreement changed the geopolitics of West Asia irrevocably
Melissa Cyrill

In David Lean’s classic, Lawrence of Arabia, which I saw last week for the first time ever, you can see the classic long distance, high altitude desert landscapes

As Iran looks to rehabilitate itself on the world stage, there are many who believe that it will renege on its commitment to the p5+1 nuclear deal. Ambassador Wallace is one such sceptic
Special Correspondent Washington DC

During the recent Assembly elections in Tamil Nadu, the State Election Commission officials stopped three trucks carrying a stash of Rs 570 crore in currency notes in Tiruppur.

Faraz Ahmad Delhi 

Abeer Kapoor Delhi

The BJP may want to see a Congress mukt Bharat some day but for that it must not make the same mistakes as its predecessor
Dibyashree Satapathy Delhi

Editorial: June 2016
Hardnews Bureau Delhi 

Virat Kohli has hit a purple patch that belies all expectations
Sandeep Kumar Delhi

If they truly love anything, it is hate politics
Amit Sengupta Delhi 

Who was behind the NDA government’s two-year anniversary? Was it someone in faraway New York or a whiz closer home? Our reporter meets the elusive, self-proclaimed mystery strategist in the Big Apple
Ajith Pillai Delhi 

While the Narendra Modi government has unleashed a publicity blitzkrieg around its so-called achievements, a closer analysis reveals that not all is hunky-dory
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi 

Everything grows, except the rural economy
Abeer Kapoor Delhi 

The machinations in higher education are no longer those of one or two whimsical individuals: this is an amorphous, menacing force, reducing institutions to rubble. A new gazette has unfurled itself on college staffroom notice boards, a sign of ominous times
Ratna Raman Delhi

The director makes and breaks our expectations of conventional character sketches and story arcs. Sairat is lyrical, epical, eternal, a masterpiece
Sonali Ghosh Sen Delhi

The BJP government’s reluctance to make the Prakash Singh committee report public reeks of a cover up
Hardnews Bureau Delhi

On his 52nd death anniversary,  we reproduce selections from our widely read cover ‘Nehru still batting after all these Years’ (November - December 2008), to mark Nehru’s contribution to Indian Independence, intellectual legacy and history

Ratna Raman Delhi

Relatively unknown compared to other tourist destinations, Patnitop is a hidden gem worth exploring
Rakesh Agarwal Patnitop 

The Real Estate Act will bring much needed cheer to home buyers across the country
Nikhil Thiyyar Delhi 

The latest Socio-Economic Caste Census data released in July last year reveals that 1.8 lakh households are engaged in manual scavenging across India. It’s time this statistic changed
Akshay Sharma Delhi 

Parul Verma Delhi

Suneeth Cherieth Delhi