Are we going to reward those who killed Ishrat Jehan?
Faraz Ahmad Delhi

Decoding the mystery of why the Aam Aadmi party has got more donations than the BJP and the Congress
Akshay Sharma Delhi

Hardnews, in association with Aircel, organised a panel discussion on wildlife trafficking and trade on January 14 in New Delhi.

The energy transformation has an important geopolitical dimension, usually dubbed ‘European energy independence’, says Marc Saxer, Representative, Frederich-Ebert Stiftung 

With oil prices at an all-time low, India is shoring up its reserves and its refining capabilities, says Soumen Bagchi, Joint Secretary (Energy and Security) 

Iranian Ambassador Gholamreza Ansari dissects the instability in the Middle East, lifting of the West-backed sanctions on Iran and how India can use this opportunity to its benefit

The economy is sinking, the profits we should have made are not visible; with lower oil prices savings should have gone up

The extent of the protests over Rohith Vemula’s suicide show that, at last, civil society is waking up to the untold oppression of Dalits in India
Ashok Das Delhi 

Wherever I go in the world, it is often hinted that Muslims are the cause of all problems faced in contemporary times!

Arshia Dhar Kolkata

Abeer Kapoor Jaipur 

The public sector banks urgently need measures to tackle the bad loan crisis and all eyes are on Jaitley
Sindhu Bhattacharya Delhi 

The government needs to summon the political will to step up capital expenditure by trimming subsidies, instituting more efficient, intelligent and diligent taxation and attracting more FDI
Mohan Guruswamy Delhi 

It’s time again for the Budget session and the government needs to put across a vision for India that matches the expectations it has raised
MR Sivaraman Chennai 

Prof Laleh Khalili speaks to Hardnews, on the violent protests against Saudi Arabia in Iran, the rising scourge of sectarianism, the rise of the Islamic State and the future of the Middle East. Excerpts
Sadiq Naqvi Jaipur

Mohan Guruswamy Delhi





A recently made documentary film shows refugees who left for Europe desperate to return home to Syria
Dr Waiel Awwad Delhi

The departure of Rehmatullah Nabil, as the head of Afghan intelligence, brings to the fore the internal rift within the government on the issue of ties with Pakistan
Sadiq Naqvi Delhi 

Shireen Azam Delhi

Abeer Kapoor Delhi 

The continuing agitation against the three Bills passed by the Assembly and the nine deaths in securitymen’s firing has brought together the tribal groups
Akshay Sharma Delhi 

Our intelligence agencies should develop the ability to crunch the metadata to prevent subversion of our plural society
Sanjay Kapoor Delhi 

I watch Quantico every week so you don’t have to
Sonali Ghosh Sen Kolkata

The problem with authorities in countries that the Rohingyas seek asylum in is that they consider them  economic migrants and a threat to security
Sucharita Sengupta Kolkata

Punjab is faced with a serious crisis. Drugs have become synonymous with the business and political classes. Narcotics are coming in, and a multibillion-crore-rupee international cartel is sending them out as well
Abeer Kapoor Delhi 

India’s border with Bangladesh is the fifth longest in the world and the epicentre of a vibrant cow trade, which is spawning its own politics of hate
Sadiq Naqvi and Jasnea Sarma Dhubri/Guwahati 

Sonali Gosh Sen Delhi

The Savings to GDP ratio has been stagnant at about 28%, having fallen from a peak of 38.1% in 2008.  So where is the money for investment going to come from?
Mohan Guruswamy Delhi

Shrinivasrao S. Sohoni Kabul

The show of strength on the part of the Congress on December 19


Akshay Sharma Delhi

In an interview with Hardnews, Small talks about the unrest in the middle–east and especially Syria, what it means for China and how it would determine international economic and diplomatic policies
Sadiq Naqvi Delhi

The left has lost Venezuela, and now we must see what the ‘right’ way of doing things is
Abeer Kapoor Delhi

The way we talk of pollution shows our relationship to the city and the world
Shireen Azam Delhi