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The Bill removes the existing ceiling and states that the ceiling may be notified by the central government. The Central government may provide tax-free gratuity of Rs 20 lakh to the oraganised sector workers, the Minister said.

The UP Police claim that it has seized over Rs 146 crores from ‘gangsters’ in the state in a matter of 11 months deserves closer scrutiny as allegations mount of arbitrariness in seizing their properties

The first BJP-IPFT government assumed power in Tripura on Friday as 48-year old Biplab Kumar Deb was sworn in as the new Tripura Chief Minister.

The biggest solar power plant in UP at Dadar Kalan village of Chhanvey block in Mirzapur will have a capacity of 75 megawatt and will cater power to the nearby areas.Built at a cost of around Rs 800 crores by a French company ENGIE, the solar plant is located on the hilly terrains of Dadar Kalan village in Mirzapur.

BJP president Amit Shah cautions party workers against violence or “destruction” of any statue, says party firmly “believes” that a wide range of ideas and ideologies can coexist in India

Even as farmers who had travelled 180 km from Nashik to Mumbai went back home, the Left-affiliated farmer group is continuing its agitation in other parts of the country

Expressing his anger over the incident, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah ordered an inquiry into the lapse in security.

Jordanian King Abdullah may have got the privilege to speak from Islamic Centre, a privilege denied to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, but there is a lot more to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s engagement with the Middle-East

The allegations first surfaced in 2012 when it was alleged that Karti had links to Advantage Strategic Consulting, which had bought shares of Vasan Eye Care at a reduced price and had later sold the shares at a huge profit. 

. She makes multimedia art projects that deal with issues of representation, specifically in how images circulate and affect how we share the world with one another. Mathur, along with Bathsheba Okwenje from Uganda and Elisa Giardina Papa from Italy, is the co-founder of an artist collective called Radha May.

The Maldivian Democratic Party, the main opposition party, said on Twitter police had arrested Mohamed Ameeth and Abdulla Ahmed, two lawmakers who had defected from Yameen's party and two more from other opposition parties late on Monday.Independent television Raajje TV, which showed footage of police forcibly blocking protesters, said Abdulla Ahmed was arrested while giving a media interview about the protest.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday said the idea behind the Aadhaar card scheme could be the reason that people should have one ID card.

Nepal finally framed a new constitution through a Constituent Assembly after four years of debate and discussion on the constitutional issues; however, for all the toils, it could not do justice to women.

This explanation pulled out from the volume may sound complex, but what I could comprehend from his presentation was that seeing Agra from river Yamuna provided a different perspective altogether.

With a view to create an Indian mythological superhero, 21-year-old Kevin Missal set out to write Dharmayoddha Kalki: Avatar of Vishnu, which was released last year. The book has already sold 18,000 copies and has received stellar reviews from newspapers. It traces the journey of Kalki Hari through a whirlwind of events that shape his character.

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The Congress party also issued a statement saying it had directed its rank and file to back "secular party candidates to save the people from sinking in the 'Hindutva quicksand'

Emphasising that Jan Sangh and BJP leaders have been at the forefront of all leading mass movements after Independence, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday that 'Ours is a party committed to Rashtra Bhakti'.

From Yameen’s promise to extract from the captive Chief Justice names of people who were behind the conspiracy to throw him out, it is possible to draw inferences that the judges would be subjected to third-degree methods.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to campaign in Phulbari in Garo Hills on February 21 or 22, a key source in Meghalaya's BJP unit told UNI.