Cleo Paskal

For our April issue we at Hardnews will focus on whether this budget will help the farmers in distress and overcome the agrarian crisis. We await your thoughts on this.

Between Vidarbha and Chhattisgarh, everyday farmers are killing themselves. Will someone please stand up for them?

Shubhranshu Choudhary, Delhi, Hardnews 

The abduction of Rachna, daughter of social activists, and the sexual exploitation of a dalit woman takes UP by storm

Pradeep Kapoor, Lucknow, Hardnews 

If a united front can defeat the CPM in the panchayat polls in Bengal, it will have a cascading effect: on municipal polls this year, Lok Sabha polls next year, and assembly elections in 2011

Inside the lanes and bylanes of Delhi to track those who make the city tick

Akash Bisht, Delhi, Hardnews 

Despite US and military pressure, Pakistan can make a historical breakthrough towards democracy. The people's mandate proves it

Pranay Sharma, Delhi, Hardnews 

I was headed for a small dot on the map called Levi about 350 kms deep into the Artic Circle in Lapland. The captain cheerily announced a day of good skiing with the

Hollywood was in a dark mood this year but Turner Classic Movies made up for the lack of sunshine by running a festival of past academy award nominated and winning films on television

The big studios own this game of Monopoly but did the writers manage to win
Hollywood Boulevard?

Nishi Malhotra, Washington DC, Hardnews 

The memoirs of former American Federal Reserve Board chairman Alan Greenspan offer insights into the working of the most powerful economy in the world

Recent blasts in UP have revealed dark holes in the state's intelligence network

Pradeep Kapoor Lucknow

A spate of killings of the rare species of one-horned rhino in Kaziranga has shocked Assam, but the state government plays blind

The CPM in West Bengal has to find the right balance between industrialisation and socialist ideals. So far, it has abjectly failed

Rajat Roy Kolkata

Displaced from their forests, brutalised by the forest department, condemned by the government, the Sahariya tribe in MP and Rajasthan are dying a daily death

Akash Bisht Shivpuri/Shoepur  

The Maoist insurgency has popular support among Dalits and adivasis. This is not a law and order problem, as the PM thinks, but consequence of a failed State

Can leaders who shun democracy in their own parties run a country democratically?

Pranay Sharma Delhi

It's the same old theatre of the absurd. One family as the saviour of the party. One family which must rule

Vijay Sanghvi Delhi

A democratic government starts with democracy in the party

Srinath Raghavan Delhi

What makes a person blow himself up in a crowd?

Khalid Akhter Delhi

China is slowly getting round to view India as a major potential partner, not an adversary

Pranay Sharma Delhi

M Kumar Lahore

The attack on a fortified hotel in Kabul is a pointer. After six years of reconstruction, why is insecurity increasing in ravaged Afghanistan?

It's time for a debate on what ails the European Union of 27 democracies and prevents it from being a superpower

Mehru Jaffer Vienna

Late night talk shows and awards ceremonies fall flat as Hollywood writers strike work

Nishi Malhotra Washington  

From the battleground that was the Partition, emerged some of the finest literature of the subcontinent. Manto's was the best

The warm and cosy Market Café in the inner lane of Khan Market in Delhi had an interesting visitor in mid-January. He had arrived from the pristine, untouched landscape of northern Afghanistan, the distant province of Badakshan. Here, in this magnificent high altitude wilderness of the Pamir National Park and the stunningly beautiful corridor of Wakhan, surrounded by the Hindu Kush, Pamir and Karakoram mountain range, next to Tajikistan

Following up on our earlier item in Hardnews on fake currency November 2007), there is enough evidence that the recent seizures have gone through a qualitative change. Fake currency worth Rs 1 crore that was seized from Hyderabad (after the blast) was so good, even experts could not find any difference with the real thing. Interrogation of those involved in the fake currency racket revealed that a shipment of Rs 200 crore was waiting in Dubai to come to India. There is no clue whether that consignment landed in India or not. Other seizures in Kuala Lumpur and Colombo, too, were also similar in quality.

Prime ministers do not visit TV studios for panel discussions.  They also stay away from the contests that these TV channels organise to elect the 'Indian of the year' as they are supposed to know what these heavily rigged polls are all about: channel owners use them to curry favour with the prime minister and other government bigwigs. Also, prime ministers do not need these synthetic polls to prove their popularity as the real forum to do that are parliamentary elections.