Not only rains, Mumbai should be blamed for its floods

Hardnews Bureau

Mumbai masterminds its floods with its uncontrolled craving for development—by converting floodplains, bottlenecking rivers and reclaiming several hectares of coastal areas
Dhwani Shah Mumbai

What drowned Mumbai?

Shalini Sharma

Floods cause devastation because we have destroyed nature’s system for absorbing excess rainfall. So, is nature disrupting our lives or are we disrupting the natural order?
Shalini Sharma Delhi 

The silent march that shook Mumbai

Aditi Bhande

In the past decade, demands for reservation from upper caste communities have increased and the agitations led by them are symptomatic of the upper-class psyche finding its clout diminishing
Aditi Bhande, Harshada Kulkarni, Rohita Raju, Sampad Nandy and Vinay Sharma Mumbai

Maratha Kranti Morcha takes Mumbai by storm, unrest in Maharashtra Council

Hardnews Bureau

Over 900,000 Marathas took part in a mammoth protest, demanding reservation for the community; disrupting train and traffic services in a violence free protest in Mumbai
Hardnews Bureau Delhi

VIEWPOINT: When Martyrs become Traitors

According to the NIA, the ATS probe led by Hemant Karkare had 'planted' evidence. This is a defamatory allegation that seeks to sully the name of Karkare posthumously
Faraz Ahmad Delhi

Mumbai train blasts: Dr NARCO and Other Stories from KAFKA Land

Here is a re-look at the kind of evidence that led to the conviction of all but one accused in the Mumbai suburban train blasts of 2006

Manisha Sethi Delhi

TADA is dead, will Memon live?

Why must Yakub hang? There is little evidence of his direct involvement in the blasts
Manisha Sethi Delhi 

Shattering the Ladder

Sanjay Kapoor

When The Indian Express reported that National Investigating Agency (NIA) officials told the Special Public Prosecutor in the Malegaon bomb blast case, Rohini Sailan, to quietly withdraw from the c

Is it still Rape when no one is Looking?

How we react to, and report on, rape cases in India reveals that we are still beholden to the parochial structures that cause them in the first place
Lily Tekseng Delhi

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