Surely, if Cain could kill Able justifiably, what is Teheran  to a Cain multiplied a trillion times since god destroyed  Babel?
Badri Raina Delhi

What a day that was for human advancement,

When Just a little boy took out a  civilization.

Within a jiffy of reckoning,

Pieces of  pale “wicked” skin were  pasted

On to stone and bramble,  as those

That were the living innocent became

Twisted chunks of charcoal.

The world’s only  true man, sitting

In a pristine white house, clapped his hands,

Heaved  an onerous sigh at the accomplishment.

The world had been saved, and, more

To the point, edgewise,  the reds   given

A foretaste of  “manifest destiny.”

And like a tasty dish, a second helping

Was served three days after at Nagasaki.

Some six rotten decades or more  after,

There is another tough true man, and

No-nonsense lady—does she get around, though—

Who  admonish that  the Hiroshima of our day

Could be  Teheran, should that ancient generation

Fail to see that the Calvinist and the Zionist

Have the God-given right to send

Blight and pestilence wherever the might

Of the twosome is  side-stepped by fancy-footed

Others , aspring to be able to put

Their own  wherewithal on the table.

Surely, if Cain could kill Able justifiably,

What is Teheran  to a Cain multiplied

A trillion times since god destroyed  Babel?

The  world that is must be taught  for all time

To  ring but one subservient chime—

God made the yankee a special kind of monkey,

And  rest of the world a donkey, donkey, donkey.

So, monkey ride rough shod,

Such be the will of god.