Party over for Indian refiners?

Indian petroleum refiners are fumbling for response as global economic slowdown pulls down demand for petroleum products

‘Venezuelan protests scattered, isolated in nature’

Shibu Kumar Tripathi

JNU professor Abdul Nafey, who was recently in Caracas as part of an international gathering of intellectuals, denies that the ongoing crisis in Venezuela is a humanitarian crisis
Shibu Kumar Tripathi Delhi

A New Oil War

Egypt and Saudi Arabia sever diplomatic ties over the conflagration in Syria
Shubhda Choudhary Delhi

The GCC in the Era of Cheap Oil

Melissa Cyril

Energy security 2.0

Are strategic reserves the answer? 
Noor Mohammad Delhi 

Debating Oil: The Carbon Bubble

The energy transformation has an important geopolitical dimension, usually dubbed ‘European energy independence’, says Marc Saxer, Representative, Frederich-Ebert Stiftung 

‘We have our first tranche of 1.3 million MT of oil now, but the aim is to get to 5 million MT’

With oil prices at an all-time low, India is shoring up its reserves and its refining capabilities, says Soumen Bagchi, Joint Secretary (Energy and Security) 

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