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HOPE FLOATS: There is a new verge of change and empowerment in the air in 'secular' Bangladesh. And India's creative engagement can mark a turning point. Watch out for Hardnews special report on Bangladesh.


Amar Sonar Bangla

Editorial: December 2012
Hardnews Bureau Delhi 


Hope Floats

There is a new verve of change and empowerment in the air in ‘secular’ Bangladesh. And India’s creative engagement can mark a turning point
Sanjay Kapoor Dhaka 



Where the State fails, BRAC comes in to fill the void. Sir Fazle Hasan Abed’s model represents a new paradigm of development
Sanjay Kapoor Dhaka 


BANGLADESH: The Quagmire of History

A search for historical facts has become an act of treason and prejudice in Bangladesh
Afsan Choudhury Dhaka 


Bangladesh War Crimes Trials: From Principle to Prejudice
The tribunal to bring to justice the war criminals and rapists of the 1971 liberation war has run into unhappy ground
David Bergman Dhaka


Nothing Secular about it

Successive regimes in Bangladesh, including the Awami League, have betrayed secular promises to usher in a hardline Islamic State which has given a handle to fanatics to persecute and brutalise the religious minorities
Nurul Kabir Dhaka


Dhaka’s war within

Despite a government crackdown, Islamic extremists are still entrenched in Bangladesh
Anshuman Behera New Delhi 


From Dhaka, with Love

Can Khaleda Zia, with her protracted baggage and apparent links with extremist groups, replicate Sheikh Hasina’s feat in addressing India’s security concerns? 
Dipanjan Roy Chaudhury Delhi


BANGLADESH: A basket Case?

Is Bangladesh on the cusp of an economic and social breakthrough?
Syed Zain Al-Mahmood Dhaka 


Wrestling, Freestyle

The politics of relentless confrontation between the two main political parties has ravaged the political discourse in what could be a vibrant democracy
Smruti S Pattanaik Delhi

Teesta, between the barbed wires

The Teesta Accord is the bridge of goodwill. It will foster new optimism and trust between the two countries
Rajat Roy Kolkata


The leap of the Bangla TIGERS

It has been 12 years since Bangladesh secured official Test status. Despite winning a few series and being able to shed the minnow tag, the Tigers still have a long way to go
Sandeep Kumar Delhi