‘Outside connection cannot be ruled out’

MLA of Trilokpuri Raju Dhingan tells Hardnews the events that led to a confrontation between two groups
Asad Ashraf Delhi 

‘Focus Africa Programme, which is the precursor of IAFS, was initiated by BJP in 2002’

Former education minister of Ethiopia, and one of the most articulate members of Delhi’s diplomatic community, Gennet Zewide shares her views with Hardnews on how traditional ties between her country and India could be strengthened
Sadiq Naqvi New Delhi 


The Indian Left, if it is to regain relevance, must engage in brutally critical introspection over its flaws and weaknesses, radically rethink its strategies and tactics, and return to mass struggles
Praful Bidwai Delhi 

Rae Bareli a Cakewalk for Sonia

As far as this constituency is concerned, the Congress can safely dismiss any threats to its chief’s victory from outsider candidates from BJP and AAP
Pradeep Kapoor Rae Bareli


Language alone cannot be the basis of statehood. The story of Telangana is of a deep cultural divide between two peoples united by language but divided by habits, values, history and culture
Mohan Guruswamy Delhi

Adult franchise not universal

Three fringe communities in Mumbai remain excluded from the voters’ list. They cannot participate in the elections of the world’s largest democracy Gajanan Khergamker Mumbai

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