SC declares triple talaq unconstitutional, un-Islamic

Hardnews Bureau

New Delhi: The Supreme Court, by majority judgement, today declared the practice of triple talaq as unconstitutional.

The Art of Legitimising Lynchings

With incidents of lynching and mob violence against minorities on the rise, what are the perils of propagating half-truths and half lies
Lakhinder Singh Delhi

The terror of law

The draconian counter-terror laws are often misused by law enforcement agencies to frame innocent people at will. Even if acquitted, it means little because of what they have lost out on
Shalini Sharma Delhi

Bisara: At Ground zero of the lynching

Shalini Sharma

In the village where Mohammad Akhlaq was lynched communal tensions simmer below the surface. Not surprisingly, most villagers intend to vote along religious lines
Shalini Sharma Dadri 

Triple Talaq Issue: Crocodile tears for Muslim women

Neither the PM, shedding false tears over the ‘triple talaq issue’, nor the AIMPLB has any moral right to speak for Indian Muslim women, who are a ‘double minority’
Sanober Umar Delhi 

Art & Culture: Breaking down the walls of patriarchy

Hardnews Bureau

A dance troupe called ‘Untamed Donkeys’ tries to address gender power structures through their performances
Hardnews Bureau Delhi

Biryani in the time of Fafdas

Sanjay Kapoor

My recent trip to Gujarat was largely uneventful except for all the fafdas (some crazy shaped puffs made of gram flour) that I had during my road journey to Surat from Ahmedabad.

From the British Raj to the Hindu Raj

Saeed Naqvi has taken on many world leaders in his long and successful journalistic career, but in his new book, he targets something far bigger: the betrayal that is the Indian state
Dhruba Basu Delhi

Friends to foes: How Gaurakshaks are switching sides

Following the public rebuke from the Prime Minister, gaurakshaks have started distancing themselves from the BJP. They now stand in opposition to the leader they once hailed 
Shibu Kumar Tripathi Delhi

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